Friday, March 27

Day 1: Blizzard

Ben made me promise to blog while he was gone. Despite the storm that swept through Colorado Springs over the past couple days, Ben made it to Seattle safely and successfully. He's been able to spend the evening with his family before he takes off for France tomorrow!

Yesterday morning when I heard the weather reports I gathered up enough work to last out the week, picked up Ben, bought some groceries and hunkered down at home. Thus today I haven't left the house. I sat at the desk we've put in our large new bedroom and drafted and emailed.

Beside that I've caught up on laundry and things like showering the bird and cleaning the previous owner's grease off our appliances while watching the tv shows I follow on my computer or talking on the phone :) Niko is hilarious after a shower - his feathers spike like Bart Simpson and he has a fierce dinosaurish expression on his face.

I'm both looking forward to some time by myself and hoping that I can get through the weekends without becoming too depressed through loneliness. Thus is the plight of a hybrid introvert/extrovert like myself! I used to be pure introvert but have somehow evolved to exhibit traits of both.


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