Tuesday, March 3

Holding pattern

The test yesterday went as well as any other CT scan. (minus the "taking 45 minutes to get an IV in my arm) I drank the bad tasting stuff, I laid down on the table, they poked me with a big needle, injected me with radioactive stuff that makes my body flush with heat and my mouth taste like paint thinner, and I held my breath and we were done. Now is the part that is horrible. The waiting for the doctor to get back to me.

It wouldn't be so bad if the results I was looking to get weren't so far apart from each other: Free and clear or time for some awful news!

I'm trying to not let it effect me, but I am afraid I have been overly irritable, grumpy, and stressed out. I'm sorry if you have happened to cross me in this state (Lisa) and know that I am trying to work on not being that way, but I am very stressed out right now. I could use prayer for that. And Lisa could probably use prayer to put up with me.


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  1. We love you, Boy! (grumpy or not--you got that from me...sorry!!)


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