Tuesday, March 10

In, Out, Above and Below

Lisa and I are doing the "moving" thing. I have to admit that I will be very glad when it is over (sometime in the next 2 weeks?) and I can get back to using my evenings in a non-packing, sorting, tossing, wrapping, and stuffing way.

Until Saturday at this point we will be cooking in the new place and sleeping in the old place. Why is it, do you think, that when I get busy like this I end up with a TON of things I want to do? I've got a webpage to fix (hint: this one), I've got a novel to edit (James), I've got some writing/ story ideas floating through my own head I'd like to get down on "paper", I wouldn't mind doing some extra work, I've got books I'd like to read, and video games I would like to play through. Not to mention being social, playing board games, and trying to make new friends. (Not like there is anything wrong with you guys, it's just that most of you aren't "local" so hanging out isn't possible... that and I crave a bigger readership... wahahahah... errr no.)

Well, I should continue to help Lisa pack... though I think I'd like to get to bed. We'll see.

(Praise God for freedom, and the crazy "normal" that my life has fallen into with such a wonderful job and place I live in, with my wonderful wife!!)


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  1. Hi Ben - I was really really happy yesterday to read about your tumor-free status!!! God is great!

    I imagine you've seen this already:

    Oh, and I have a story to tell you. I was egosurfing the other day and found a site for nonprofit techs, which I had posted a comment on at some point. I started thinking 'I wonder if Ben knows about this... I should e-mail him!'. Yeah, it was your site.


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