Saturday, March 7

Late nights

Lisa and I don't stay up very late usually, and hardy ever plan on doing something after 10 at night. Last night however we were invited to go ice skating and since I spend almost no time on the skates and more time on the ice itself, I decided I didn't really want to go. We went out and picked a few things for the townhouse, and then we went grocery shopping. Towards the end of our shopping trip we called the folks that invited us skating to see if they were doing anything afterwords (I mean how many times can you go around an ice rink if you're not an Olympic skater? Huh?) and they invited us over to play some "Wii Bowling". (Which is about 80% better for your wrist than the actual event) After getting home, dropping off groceries and what not we decided to go hang out... and it was 10pm. I don't know the last time we made a decision like that, but we staid up late hanging out with them and we had a great time.

This morning we got up late and Lisa dropped me off at the movie theater so I could see Watchmen with the guy we were hanging out with last night. Not really sure what I think of the movie. I mean it was well done and pretty faithful to the graphic novel, but... I don't know. I think perhaps it was pretty pessimistic world-view... but I guess without God looking honestly at life you look pretty pessimistic. Not sure that I would recommend the movie to people that haven't read the novel.

After that Lisa and I went and looked at/ bought new curtains (almost spelled that with a K) for the townhome. I think it'll look pretty cool. Watch for pictures... coming soon! (We make the "move" to move in next weekend!)

And, then sometime this week I assume I'll hear from the oncologist.



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