Wednesday, March 4

Not holding my breath

I've reached what I think is a fairly calm state. As I said earlier: I'm not any different this week than I was last week. If the tumors are back, then they were there last week the same as they will be there this week, and the next. If they aren't there then freaking out and worrying about them being there or not isn't going to change anything. So I let it go.

That isn't the only other thing I have been waiting on. At work I am waiting for Microsoft to get back to me about some 800 dollars in matching gifts. (Hopefully for Exchange) But before I get that installed and running I need to get one of the mail servers out of here, which requires Google to recognize our non-profit status and upgrade the mail server from "Standard" to "Educational/Non Profit" (if any Google employees happen to read this and you have any control over that I would appreciate an extra poke to that department for me.) When that is recognized I can move our mail boxes to Google, setup that up, write a big long email to all the user's of that mail domain, then cut it over. (And deal with the fallout)

From there I can install Windows Server 2008 onto the box that used to be the mail server, migrate the Domain Controller (DC) and Active Directory (AD) structure from Windows 2000 Server. Then I can setup/ install Exchange 2007 and cut off a major pain in my IT world, which is Lotus Domino 6.5. (Which will actually JUST be the mail side of things, not the database side of Notes... that will come some day when I get to hire a web developer who will be wonderful and magical and can program in ASP, juggle Sharepoint, and make really cool spiffy websites! < /fantasy >

I guess as long as I don't get the Web Developer I get to talk to my boss (Ray) at least twice a week: Imagination theatre time:

Me: Hey Ray! Any word on when we can hire a web dev?
Ray: I have Greg working on it.
Me: Ok... cool... because it would really help me.
Ray: Yep... so you say... twice a week.
Me: Squeaky wheel!)

This is probably one of the most technical posts I have made in a long time. I try to keep it rated "English" for the rest of you, but sometimes it helps to be able to write out what I am working on, so even though you might not understand it, I can write it. And for those that do understand I can either 1. get support (emotional or otherwise), 2. generate interest in what I am doing, and 3. have the occasional technical blog post.

Either way, pray for the following with my job: 1. Funding comes through for a Web Developer, 2. That God is preparing the perfect Web Dev for OC who will be crazy cool and etc etc (see above) 3. Our migration from IBM Lotus goes smoothly and our transition to Microsoft Products helps the organization out to be more productive, etc.

Thanks all!



  1. If Ray ever gets tired of you asking about the web dev position you can always remind him of this parable.

  2. How long have you been waiting for them? I can give them a prod, but it might just take some time to get all the papers in order. (Can't have people abusing this stuff...) ;)

    ... that will come some day when I get to hire a web developer who will be wonderful and magical and can program in ASP, juggle Sharepoint, and make really cool spiffy websites! </nightmare> -> fixed.

    Sharepoint? Really? Come on, man! I'd be willing to donate some time, but only as long as I wouldn't have to code on any Microsoft platforms. :D


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