Monday, March 16


This next 4 or 5 weeks is going to be crazy! Lisa's folks are coming to town here in 2 days, then shortly after they leave I am going to France for a week, and then Lisa's sister Cheryl is coming to stay with us for a bit. Whew... it'll be a whirlwind couple of weeks. (Minus the almost 24 hours I will be spending on the plane...)

Lisa and I continue to unpack boxes and get settled. The kiten feels huge. We had about 6 people in it yesterday while we were trying to cook and while it was a bit of a dance it went fairly smoothly! We look forward to more cooking!

Our donation from Microsoft came in today! Work can continue on our MS conversion. (Praise God!)

It's late, I must go to bed.



  1. Cool, France. You'll be closer to us. Wanna meet halfway for lunch in... the Czech Republic?

  2. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Actually, yeah, I've been to Slovakia, I can recommend a nice place for us to meet... =)

    Sadly I'll be with a tour group and unable to get away. Oh well, such is free trips to France! *sigh*




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