Sunday, March 15

Pasta salad!!

What do you do with leftover Pasta? Pasta salad of course!

The moving went really quickly yesterday! It was pretty surprising actually. People showed up about 10am and then I went over to the Townhouse to arrange the incoming stuff. Around noon Lisa came over to start lunch cooking because most of the stuff was already out of the apartment. Pretty crazy quick!

We decided to make an "Italian Feast" for lunch. We made up two kinds of pasta, two kinds of sauce (Marinara (used bottled kind and added meat) and Alfredo (I made from scratch, and also, I must add, tasted almost exactly like Olive Garden's Alfredo Sauce)), a salad and the roasted garlic bread I had commented that I was making earlier this week. Most of the food went pretty quickly but we had a lot of noodles left over.

(Aside: The roasted Garlic bread I had a hard time tasting... but I had some left over after buttering all the bread, so I think I might try it on some other bread some time soon and see what I think. The butter itself looks amazing. It's a nice buttery color with the frequent fleck of roasted garlic swimming through it.)

Now we have pasta salad for a couple of days... but we also have enough noodles for a salad this size again. Does anyone know if cooked pasta noodles freeze well?

Things are getting setup and settled here in the house now. We've got what feels like a good amount of boxes, but we've got enough space where we don't have to dance around them. God has provided us with a wonderful place to live!



  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    i never froze cooked paata but i would just buy some more pasta is so inexpensive or experiment with it like combining odd things like chili with pasta noodles or chicken soup with the noodles or roast some peppers and make a marinade, man taling bout food is making me hungry. lol

  2. I believe I have seen frozen pasta before, although I've never done it. Why not try--not too much to lose! Let me know whatcha' think!

  3. I am going to need that exact recipe b/c it looks really, really good... even at 7:10 AM Pacific Time in the middle of watching Sesame Street! Is there feta in it? I think i have everything on hand to make that except feta. Though I am just guessing what else is in it. Do i see peppers?

  4. Anonymous7:23 AM

    Hey Amy,
    The Pasta Salad is a staple here at the Morrell household. (I've been late to classes in college making it.)

    The basic rundown:
    Pasta (the fresher it is the better it absorbs the Italian dressing, but the "old pasta" works just fine.) We typically use a full package worth of pasta. (You can use any kind you like really)

    I typically empty a good 3/4th to a full bottle of Italian dressing (don't skimp, get the good stuff) into it.

    Then pretty much add whatever you like to it. I added: Feta, tomatoes, bell pepper, red onions, green onions, pepperoni, sliced olives, and I think that is it.

    Toss the pasta together with the Italian dressing and everything and let sit for an hour or two in the fridge. Toss again and enjoy. (The longer it sits the better it gets)


  5. Amy,

    Ben didn't add it, but Italian parsley makes this wonderful too. You could put in mushrooms (if you are a fan). I've also put in zucchini sliced up. OH!!! Broccoli--lots of parboiled broccoli and parmesan cheese. Actually, maybe asiago. I like that better than parmesan. Really, really good tomatoes make this all the better. Really, it came from whatever I had in my fridge one summer. It kind of stuck and keeps getting better with each time Ben makes it! This salad is the taste of summer!!!



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