Thursday, April 23


This morning my vision started to go out the way it typically does for a heavy migraine, but after about 2 hours it tapered off and I am left with a mild bad-headache. Not like I would go into work this morning, but it at least allows me to get some work done from home.

I'm going to pursue some more medical stuff on these headaches and see if I can't find some sort of solution. Thanks for the prayers. (Anyone want to guess how many more times I am going to get my head CT scanned?)


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  1. On of my co-workers, our new-ish Pastor of Adult Ministries, Tom Bell, gets migraines all the time. He's been following the diet of some book on migraines and has been getting relief. Bummer is that it knocks out a lot of food you like a lot. I'll get the name of the book. It might be worth giving up some much loved items if it meant no headache.


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