Wednesday, July 1

ER? Really?

Yesterday I was home from work because I was feeling nasty and in the afternoon I didn't take my normal amount of Tylenol. Shortly after the old batch ran out I started to get a fever. By the time we got a thermometer in my mouth (it was out of batteries) my temp was 102.3. We called the nurse care line and explained the temp, and the pains and the nurse said that her computer screen was telling her to "Call 911" and get an ambulance out to us to get me to the ER. I talked her down from that and told her that my wife was driving me to the ER right now.

On the way to the ER I was like, "Ok, what do you want to bet they do to me. I bet an IV and chest x-rays."

We got to the ER and there was no one there and they ushered us right into a room. I didn't have much of a fever when they checked it but my heart rate was going pretty strong and they didn't like that. So they pulled me into a room and gave me an IV with some fluids. While that was going the doctor came in and we talked about current issues, past medical issues, etc. Then she ordered some chest x-rays.

Good news, the chest x-rays came back 100% clean (so nothing like pneumonia, or any pesky cancer stuff), they also took blood and my white blood cell count is "normal" for the first time in 2 years at least. 8000ish. Wooo! She concluded it was a virus of some kind and recommended I keep up with the Tylenol for pain and stay home 24 hours after my fever went away.

So I am chilling at home again today. Thanks for all the prayers and support last night via twitter and Facebook.



  1. This sounds EXACTLY like what Dad had a couple of months ago. He became dehydrated overnight, so it seemed. His blood pressure was low (not normal for him) and pulse rate very high. They hydrated him in the ER and he was fine. It was a weird little virus thing.

  2. So you don't have swine flu?

  3. Our fastest ER trip ev-Er!


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