Friday, July 3

To update

Last weekend was Nate and Kate's wedding. (Kate being my sister-in-law/ Lisa's sister) Lisa went up to Seattle a week before the wedding to hang out with people and generally help out any way she could. I staid at home and worked, because you know I wouldn't want to miss a week or so of work. (I hope the irony of that statement makes sense in the light of since coming home on Sunday I haven't been to work once this week due to illness.)

I flew down Wednesday morning and rented a car and met up with Lisa.
We spent most of the nights at our good friend's the Soto's apartment. Which of course meant we hung out with friends/ family until a normal time and then went back to their place and hung out with them until late. (They stay up in general a lot later than we do) We had a lot of fun, but sleep wasn't really part of that equation.

The wedding went down on Saturday evening and the main role(s) I had to play were walking the grandparents down the aisle, and wrangling the betas (fish) for the center pieces. They looked pretty good in clear glass bowls with semi-iridescent glass stones at the bottom. (The betas were all red, we bought 13 of them)

Everything went well and the couple was hitched and headed off to a resort somewhere in Mexico.

Sunday we spent what time we had hanging out with the extended family. Then it was back on the plane and home to COS. And then spending the rest of the week sick at home. (Also called, "How to turn a 5 day weekend in to 12 days off!")

Still under the weather at this point. Haven't taken Tylenol since last night so that is good. Maybe I'll eat more than a handful of food today as well.

Thanks all for the support.



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