Wednesday, October 28

Nausea and houseguests (unrelated)

Dictated by Ben:

I've been really tired lately, a kind of chemo fatigue. Maybe because of that I have a very difficult time reading things on screens, like phones or laptops.

We are going to have lots of people start to show up in the next couple months to help us out, but that doesn't mean that we don't need your help. We really enjoyed hosting Elliot Irby, who will be working for me while I'm out of the office, these past couple days.

I really need your prayers against this nausea. Not a lot seems to be working against it, except when I'm in the infusion center - they give me Ativan and Dolatid and it goes away for awhile.


Yeah, Ben's been pretty miserable the past few days, but he's definitely feeling better than the last time round. By that I mean a couple of years ago. If nothing else, sleeping/living at home rather than the hospital seems to be helping him mentally and he's also getting much more sleep (I don't wake him up nearly as much as the nurses did). Despite his nausea, he's eaten lunch and dinner the past couple of days.

As Ben mentioned, Elliot has been here this week. They've both enjoyed "talking tech" (for business and pleasure in this case!) and today Ben was able to go out with Elliot to get him a company laptop. Elliot has been an ideal houseguest - he may be the tidiest male I ever met and was a lot of fun to talk with, but also sensitive to when we were worn out :) He already knows many of the OC folks, so he's been catching up with them at the office, getting paperwork done, and learning about some of the projects Ben has in store. In late November, he'll move here with his wife and daughter to begin work.

And tomorrow... my mom comes to town! She'll be staying here for a week and I feel very comforted just thinking about it.

I wonder if hiccups are a side-effect of anti-nausea steroids? That would explain Ben's condition tonight...



  1. Hey at least you don't have house guests with nausea! Get better soon Ben! Glad you're able to rest a little bit more comfortably this time! Ahhh nurses can be annoying! Keeping you guys covered in prayer. Thanks for the update. I've been a wondering!

  2. Aubrey4:14 PM

    Good call on the hiccups, Lisa. I've been getting them a lot, too. I'm thinking so much about you guys, and praying every minute. Stay strong, even when you can't.


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