Friday, March 19

Real Live Prayer Request!

Hey Team,
Doctor's visit went fairly well this morning. (It was mid-60's yesterday when I was BBQing and what is it doing now? Snowing and temps dropping to mid-20s.)

I have a prayer request: There doesn't seem to be any IV Temodar (my main chemo) left anywhere. So they are searching all over for this stuff and say I will probably have to go back to the pills. Which, if you recall, the last time I had the pills I ended up throwing them up and burning my throat and couldn't eat for 2 days. I would *really* like to avoid the having to get large pills down or the other option of breaking them open and putting them in something. (Which, honestly seems really dangerous to me.) The IV version of this drug was the perfect solution to the problems. I could really use some this next week. PLEASE pray that we will be able to find enough to get me through the week so I don't have to take pills.

I seriously hope they can find some fluid because these pills are large, and live in a biohazard bag. (Scary)



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  1. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Wow, it seems weird to me that they could just run out of what you need.... I'm praying for you that you won't have to do those horrendous pills.



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