Saturday, March 20


Hey Team, I try not to wear out my welcome when it comes to asking for things but I have a couple needs right now that need to be met by a few people. (Of course I would like you all to continue praying about the IV Temodar shortage.)

First off (these are listed on our Care Calendar) we could use some meals next week. Secondly rides from the infusion center home again.

I ask specifically because Lisa is working today (Saturday) because of the extra heavy work load, AND the fact that she has a test she needs to study for on top of that. She's not going to have the time this week to do a lot of things she normally has time to do as well as work and study. So I'm trying to take the load off where I can, and that is to reach out to you in hopes of helping Lisa not be so stressed out.

Thanks team.

(P.S. I did get cheese fries last night. I'm good for a while. (BTW: While eating said cheese fries, AND dipping them in ranch dressing I told Lisa that I felt like I was living the stereotype of a fat American.) Hopefully I can pick up a few pounds before the weekend rolls out. (My goal is to be 135 when the week starts, of course that means picking up 2.7 pound in the next 2 days... which I don't think will happen short of pounding down pure lard.))



  1. Is Nancy still coming toward the end of the week?

  2. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Yes, as far as I know at least.


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