Friday, April 9

Dear Lord

Dear Lord,
This morning I am nervous. I am concerned about what the doctor is going to say this afternoon. My nervousness stems from the vast difference in what my future could be after this afternoon. There is SO much you know Lord, and yet so much I do not. Am I weak in faith for being worried or nervous about what I might hear this afternoon? Forgive me for my doubt Lord, but I need your strength to make it day to day, both physically and mentally. I seriously cannot do this, the cancer and the "cure" both drain me. Please heal me, because only you can Lord. You have given me so many talents and dreams, please do not let these go unused. Further my skills and my dreams for the future, give me hope and help me shine brightly for You. You know my future Lord, and I do not, but I ask for healing, and for an amazing story I can someday tell everyone about your healing grace. Thank you for the many blessing in my life: my wife, a place to live, health insurance, family, friends, co-workers who care, a job, technology (medical and otherwise), and so many other things. Thank you.