Thursday, April 22

My amazing sibs

I have been keeping myself somewhat busy as of late (at least for me) working on a site for my sister's solo art show that is coming up in a week or so. [re]collect is her show and it'll be running for 2 weeks. If you are in the area you should go check it out. She's pretty talented and I can't imagine what kind's of cool things she'll be doing after school lets her go.

Then there is my brother. While Beth wields the brush, my brother's tool's of choice are a camera and the lenses that go along with them. He just posted pictures from a shoot he did at the Firehouse Restaurant in Portland, OR. I've never been there, but after looking at his pictures it'll be a place I'd stop by if I was in Portland.

I get to host both of their web pages. I wish my claim to fame was less medical and more artistic. But there you go. Two talented Morrell's. Check out their sites, both are on Facebook (Adam Morrell Photography and E.J. Morrell) should you want to become fans.

[Update 2012]: Adam just started as the band director of Tacoma's Stadium High School and Beth just started her MFA at Digipen. Both continue to be amazingly talented.



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