Thursday, April 22

The Dr. Said

I hope you read that title in the two different ways it was meant. (Yes, THE Dr. Said!)

We saw the surgeon again this morning. (Nurse quote: He's the only Dr. I know who can be 30 minutes behind and end the day 30 minutes early.) He tore off some bandages, clipped some hanging threads (ok, threads shouldn't be coming out of my skin like that), and answered some questions. Answers: Yes, I can start chemo on Monday (woo?!); No, we didn't do anything to your port, the pain is deferred from your abdomen. (Yay?)

So what next? Well, I do some more recovering and then we have a great weekend, and chemo starts on Monday. (Feel free to hit up the Care Calendar if you'd like to help out.)

I am feeling pretty good. It's been almost a month now since chemo, and while the little speed bump (gallbladder extraction) hindered me feeling as good as I could have felt I am doing pretty well. Many thanks for the prayers and support I've gotten from you all.



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