Wednesday, April 21

Doctor's lineup

Tomorrow I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon who took out my gallbladder to follow up on the surgery. Then on Friday I have an appointment with my oncologist. It'll be up to my surgeon tomorrow if I can proceed with chemo. I'm not really sure if I'll be better by then. Hmmm, something to pray about. Also prayer for wisdom for the doctors to make the right call or not.

On other exciting news, Lisa found a guy here in town that sharpens knives the correct way! The cost is something like 2 bucks a knife. Which seems like a great price to me for not destroying my knives. It'll be the first time in almost 5 years that those have had an edge put on them. I'm excited. I'm going to come home and julianne some carrots, maybe cube some steak, or dice an onion. I'm a little worried too because the guy that does sharpening also sells other "restaurant supplies", and those are always fun to look at. Sometimes too fun. (As in I don't need to spend 150-300 dollars on a new knife, plate, cups, tongs, some sort of holder, crisper, or cast iron stove top grill.) Which is why Lisa is coming. "No we don't need that." Is about all I need.

I've also been getting headaches for the past few nights. I woud really like those to go away so I can get some stuff done, namely trying to spend some time with Lisa while she is home.

Thanks for the continued support!



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