Monday, April 26


Wow, chemo got a late start today (two plus hours) and here I am two hours out of chemo and I feel nasty. My hands are shaky, I have trouble spelling words. I found out also that my vision problems were stemming from the anti-nausea patch that I wore behind my ear. I don't wear that, and I can continue to read. Typing is a bit of a problem sometimes. I always tend to forget how horrible, and how quick, I go downhill with chemo. A fair amount of pain involved as well.

I have some new volunteers picking me up with week from chemo. I like meeting new people, especially as most of my day is either at home feeling horrible, or at the hospital infusion center. I kind'a wish the nurses there could see me when I am a better mood. They almost always see me in pain of some sort. One nurse made a comment the last time I was in about actually hearing me make a joke. (And to most of you that would probably be a surprise)

We had a very generous donation of a dinner tonight. Enough Lasagna to feed a family of 5... for 3 days. It looks really good. Also with bread and salad! Lisa and I like cooking for other people, and it's nice to give Lisa a break from cooking to sample other people's cooking as well.

Thanks again for the continued prayers and support. And please forgive my spelling over the next week.



  1. When I make lasagne now, I save a few pieces out for leftovers, then I cut the rest up into serving-sized pieces and wrap them individually in Saran. They defrost quickly in the microwave and make a great, quick meal for Dad when he's on the go for school.

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Right, we froze a good amount of it for later. =) As instead of eating it for the next week. =)


  3. Ben, I so enjoy reading your blog and have wanted to comment several times, just couldn't figure out how to sign up! See how much we need your skills around here....? Praying for you both, especially this week.


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