Wednesday, April 28

A day in the life

Here is a bit of a walk down on what my day looks like from up-time to back to bed time. Not sure how much "fun" this is, but you mind find it a bit interesting.

3:00am wake up with things that chemo likes to keep you awake for.

4:50 fall back asleep

7:27 get up and get ready for my day.

7:55 lisa talking about lunch makes me throw up.

8:05 drive to hospital

8:35 arrive at infusion center, said hey to all the nurses.

8:40 get weighed and vitals checked out. Appears I am alive.

8:45 talk to nurse about me and gallbladders

8:50 get hooked up to the pump start getting the anti nausea drugs.

9:05 start writing day in the life of chemo. Waiting for pain killer and chemo.

9:10 nurse comes over and says we're waiting for meds. I start re-reading wired from yesterday. Such a solid mag. Never been
to their website in the past 5 years. (Dan)

9:30 chat with my nurse about chemo drug history as she gives me some adavan and dilotted for the strange pain/ feeling of chemo burning through my body. Possibly feeling a bit tired. No chemo yet. Feeling sleepy.

9:45 first round of chemo starts - 60 minutes until the next one. Pain killer did a great job of hiding the strange pain. Back to wired.

10:55 hooked up to last chemo. Will take 90 minutes. Pretty tired we'll see what happens.

12:30 rolls around and they unhook me

12:35 I am picked up by a patron from church

1:00 get home and nap most of the day.

5:30 dinner. Hiccuping starts.

5:35 watch some TV with lisa. Can't stop hiccuping

8:00 getting close to bedtime.

That is roughly what my day look like. The pain killer really helps keep me a bit tired and so I can't feel the strange effects of the chemo.



  1. Question on your "Day in the Life:"

    How much did you weigh? How is your blood pressure running these days?

    What did you talk about with the nurses regarding gallbladders? The removing of or the question of why we have them or?

    What did you learn about chemo drug history?

    Where you able to eat much dinner? Did it stay down okay?

    When did the hiccuping stop?

    Okay, there are all the mother questions. : )

  2. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Weight is 132
    Gallbladder discusson was about mine coming out.
    Chemo history was about mine.
    Ate dinner, it staid down.
    Wish the hicuping would stop.


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