Monday, May 17


There is the constant riff on "Mondays". This morning I was thinking to myself, "Mondays are actually probably the day I feel the best during a chemo week." I however seem to have forgotten how horrible it is to go from no chemo in your body to having three kinds of chemo that are all pretty rough in my body. The progression as the night goes on goes from feeling ok, to meh, to bleh, to ug. I've hit ug. The feeling is so... strange. It's a kind of growth pain, mixed with a burning, mixed with a heavy fatigue.

Tomorrow is day two of round eight. (Which makes for 15 rounds since all this began) I was sitting outside the infusion center waiting for my (incredibly generous (waiting for me almost an hour past when I was supposed to be done)) ride and one of the nurses walked by in "plain clothes" and said hello. It felt kind of strange to see her out of scrubs and saying my name. But it shows how wonderfully friendly they all are.

By the by, I have recently rediscovered that "Black Current" juice is most recently my favorite juice.

I know Lisa doesn't write on this blog very often these days, so if you are interested in seeing some more of Lisa's writing you can check out the blog she runs for her company, LGA Studios. It's pretty much all architecture stuff, but you can see some of the stuff she is working on (drawing, etc) as well as some of the stuff her company does in general.

Thanks for the continued prayers and support.



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