Sunday, May 16

Volunteers this week

Some volunteer numbers for you all: Five meal volunteers, Four people helped Lisa clean the house on Saturday, One ride to a dr's appointment and back, Ten people came to a party we threw, Two people took us/me out for a meal, and countless people have prayed for us this week. I would say those are some pretty solid numbers. Go team!

Planned out our trip to Houston and back. That was a lot of fun this past week. We also saw Iron Man 2, Better off Dead, and This is Spinal Tap this weekend for the first time. In order: Fun movie, strange, and meh. (I would pick almost any Christopher Guest mockumentary over Spinal Tap honestly.)

This week holds more chemo and my mom coming to visit for a week. I wish we could be a little more entertaining, but she'll be appreciated, and I am sure she won't mind that I can't entertain to great extent.

Thanks for your continued support and prayers!



  1. Nope, no entertainment necessary at all. I just want to be with you guys.



  2. Two Dollars! I want my TWO DOLLARS!

  3. Anonymous6:45 PM

    Heh, that was pretty classic. Though I am still wondering how a Teen could afford a '67 Chevy Camero. Grnated they are probably a little more now, but the cheapest, most beat-up one I could find was 15k. The most expensive was 165k. 60k seemed like it could get you one in decent shape.


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