Monday, June 14

Didn't we just...

Despite the fact that we were JUST in Houston, we are in fact headed right back. That's right, a week from today I will be meeting with the dr who might be giving me the new treatments. The people who have seen the study have all had very positive things to say about it. I have to confess if it is half of what it's supposed to be then it'll be far better than any chemo I've had to date. The cost to get down there so, last minute, however is going to be a little... extreme? Plane is an option that costs the most money (however is also the quickest), then would be Greyhound, which would be about half of what the plane costs, but be 10 times the amount of time it takes. Then there is the "power trip" option where we leave home here bright and early and power through Colorado, New Mexico, and most of Texas to get to Houston in 17 hours. This costs about half of the greyhound cost. (No word on which one would hold out sanity wise best) Train isn't an option. Anyone interested in power-tripping with us to Houston? Help us do the drive and we'll cover food and lodging.

We made it home safely, as you will have noticed. I've not been in the best of health since being home... not sure if that is the post-"vacation" crash or what. Either way I am mending and trying to feel better. Not a lot for me to do this week so it's not a lot of stress on my system.

For those of you that might not know we posted pictures of our days at the end of them on Facebook every night. If you hit up the photos on my profile you should find them without any problems. Those of you without Facebook I will be working up some links and a few stories to post here over the next few days.

Prayer for wisdom about traveling and how to spend the money best and keep ourselves sane. And about this trial which seems amazing, but if it is right for me or not. Thanks team! (I still need to have T-shirts made up... maybe I'll work on that this week)


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  1. If I had vacation time I'd fly down and do the trip with you guys.

    Unfortunately I don't so you'll have to take a rain check.


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