Monday, August 2

Time gets away

Nuts. Another almost 4 days since I posted something! I don't mean to forget to write stuff, it's just that as I get back into writing more and more I get to the "writing for entertainment" less and less. This, however, does not help me, as I use my blog as a tool to look back on my life and figure out what I was doing during that time. So my apologies to all of you and to my future self who will be asking, "What were you doing? You probably had so much free time to write!"

This morning involved a trip to a store and then fourish hours at MD Anderson while we waited for them to tell me my platelets had gone up a point. At this point (haha) it'll be something like 200 days before my platelets get back to where they need to be for them to start chemo again. (Well, there is a rolling effect on those, but still, easily over a month) I am guessing I will get a transfusion to remedy the situation. (At least I hope so... this stuff seems to be working pretty well.) God knows better than I do however so I will leave it up to Him, and trust he gives wisdom to the highly (overly?) trained staff at MD Anderson.

The store we went to was a place we were told about when we met with some new friends this weekend. HEB is the local "great grocery store" around here. The ones that are all over the place are kind of like scaled down Whole Foods, without the scaled UP prices. The "Central Market" HEB is like someone smashed an Ikea and a Whole Foods together. No furniture, but the layout is very similar to an Ikea. Then this place showed up Whole Foods in a major way. Produce like I have never seen before, a TON of different kinds of fish (they claimed it was over 100), in the meat section there was everything from every cut of beef to lamb to duck to quail. The bakery had so, so many kinds of fresh baked bread. I haven't seen that much fresh bread even at a Panera! (And the bagels were great) Then they had the cheese section. They said 700 kinds of cheese, all broken up by area of the world. So cool. They had a lot of other stuff, but suffice to say that it was like being in a food amusement park. We wish we lived closer.

Could continue to use prayer for my internals healing up. It really doesn't feel like I'm on chemo, but my blood sure is taking the hit. The hope would be that it wouldn't cause me to be released from the study, but that they would come up with a solution that works and can keep working with me and these drugs. Lisa could use prayer as she struggles with working from home, both in finding stuff to do and the social time she is looking for isn't here. She operates best on a 9 to 5 with plenty of work to do.

Thanks all!



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