Saturday, October 23


Readers for whom the above video doesn't load can view it directly here on youtube.

While Lisa is in Colorado I have been staying with some friends here in Texas. (To make sure I do things like eat and have good safe backup in case something medically goes wrong with me.) Lisa's mom got in on Friday and we've been hanging out with the folks I have been staying with. Today we did some driving around Texas City and Galveston. Enjoying the sun and the wind and all manner of birds. (The above video is of some pelican's diving for fish in Texas City) They only seemed to catch fish a good twenty five percent of the time they dove for fish, but it didn't stop them from attempting it. (At one point when one of them HAD caught a fish a seagull flew over and almost landed on the head of the pelican who had the fish. I'm not sure that is the best tactic to steal a fish OR get someone to share a fish with you.)

Reports from Lisa and Colorado have the garage sale as a smashing success. There are still things left to sort through and either donate or give away, (and a bird cage to sell) but it sounds like next week will be spent packing. Prayer would be appreciated for her as she wraps up life in Colorado Springs. (For te time being... who can really say where or when we will be next?)

Thanks for the continued support. Lisa's mom will be here until a day after Lisa gets back. I appreciate your continued prayers for my health as well.



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