Friday, November 5

Almost Officially Accidental Houstonians

Hey Team,
Lisa packed up some stuff here at the house-sitting house and we brought some stuff over to the apartment as we prepared to sit in our empty apartment and wait for the guys to come and install internet. (The important things first...) While on our way Lisa got a call and was informed that our movers were going to be there in an hour and half! The internet guy and the movers arrived at the same time.

Overall it took the movers about two hours to unload. That includes moving everything up 40 steps. (Which right there is good money paid) We've got boxes everywhere, but thankfully we won't be having to haul them around. It's open and empty from here on out. Maybe we'll be here more than a few months.

Following the movers and the internet guys we headed to a place near the apartment called Tokyo Live. Lisa and I both enjoyed our food and had a nice relaxed evening (the first since she got back) talking about things, stuff, and what-not. Tomorrow will be a child's birthday party, unpacking, and more unpacking.

Sometime this week we'll need to get rolling on changing plates for the car and getting Texas driver's licenses. (To prove we are crazy) Thanks for the continued prayers and support. We're tired, and we have a few weeks to go before we're officially settled. My scan results will be revealed next Wednesday.


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  1. Hey Ben and Lisa,
    So you are Houstonians for awhile at least! Well, you are adventurers, that's for sure. We continue to follow you with our thoughs and prayers.. I hear that Houston gets 55 inches of rain a year on average; more than Seattle's 50. You can verify that for us. With you in our hearts, Bob R


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