Saturday, December 11

All Clear

As Ben's Twitter feed suggests, he had an emergency bronchoscopy yesterday. Wednesday night through Friday morning he was coughing extremely hard. When he laid down it got worse, so he tried to sleep sitting up and didn't have much luck. This all made us think "something is very wrong!"

So, between Ben looking awful and our insistence that things had gotten worse the exploratory bronchoscopy was suggested. We really thought that they would find something - a slipped stent, a growth, an infection... but nope, the dr's said his throat was remarkably clean - "all that coughing helps." Yeah... in some ways, I guess.

In spite of that, Ben has been coughing much less ever since, able to lay down and sleep now. He still feels crummy, but we're praying that he keeps improving because we really don't know what else to do.

Thank you for your prayers! Pray for both Ben's recovery, and that we both will remember that we have the fullness of life Christ promised, despite these trials.


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