Wednesday, January 26

The Andersons at MD Anderson

Ralph and Joyce Anderson from the OC International Colorado Springs office came to see us this morning! I can't believe we've had so many visitors. They are in Texas for other reasons, but made the time to travel this way and spend time making us feel special. Knowing them has made life better in general, but especially today.

In other news, you've seen that Ben got his hair cut extremely short. He didn't want to wait for it to fall out, so we went to the barber/beauty shop IN the hospital where patients can get free haircuts! They even shaved off the edges of his beard so he could have a clean-looking gottee.

No catastrophes still - Ben's just tired and achy.

Myth buster time: some people seem to think I sit at the hospital and twiddle my thumbs. No so! By nature I rarely ever get bored, and right now I have a lot to do. A large chunk of my time is still spent working - yay to LGA Studios for giving me a new project! Beside that I've taken breaks today to do some insurance paperwork, make phone calls about canceling our Colorado license plates and reserve myself a spot at the Caregiver's lunch here at the hospital, answer emails, help Ben decide what to order for meals, talk to the parade of hospital employees who come through the door and of course today's visitors and barber shop visit.

When I run out of work (of all sorts) there's always a stack of reading material to get through!

I think Ben is too drowsy to be very bored either.


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