Thursday, January 27

Drowsy Ben

Tougher day for Ben. The confusion and drowsiness are stronger today - Ben's slept through the day and has spoken infrequently. This morning when I got here he was distressed, but he's been peaceful (though in some pain) through the day. I was quite happy that he ate well despite his condition.

His doctor dropped by to say that during the last day of chemo - today! - Ben will feel the worst. Tomorrow "he'll feel like a different person".

In other news, I attended my first support group ever: the Caregiver's lunch here at MD Anderson. I've had some supposition in the past about support groups: that the other attendees situations would depress me, and/or that I would feel uncomfortable being so personal with strangers, and/or that there would be unsound advice thrust upon me. Or with this type of group, that I would be an anomaly (a young caregiver). In this case, not so on the first three counts! The last was true, but the group was still fortifying to participate with. I got a chance to share my faith in Christ through this time too.


  1. I'm so proud of you, Lisa! Way to honor the Lord in the situation He has allowed you to be in.

    Thank you so much for the updates. We continue to pray!

    Mama J

  2. yeah lisa!!! I am glad you went to a support group! We're moving to New Mexico this weekend, and I know a cousin there. That's it. I am already anxious to see who God's going to bring into my life as a support system. Keep on bloggin' girl!

  3. Anonymous8:53 PM


    Thanks for sharing your hesitations about support groups. I know what you mean. It sounds like this one may be a good fit for you, and bring you some strength. God uses many ways (and people) to let you know He is with you. We continue in prayer for you and Ben.

    Chris Shaver (Joel & Shelley's mom!)


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