Sunday, January 2

Dinner Progressive

Yesterday to "ring in the New Year" Lisa and I decided to try a progressive dinner, restaurant style. We started out at the local Alamo Drafthouse for a movie, True Grit, appetizers and drinks.

After the movie we went to Pappacitos Cantina for some fajitas. Then it was off to Yogurt Town for some "froyo" with toppings.

All in all a tasty day and a fun way to kick off the new year. I suggest you give the progressive restaurant dinning a try sometime. You do the research and find some place that has good appetizers, spend the time chatting with a few friends, get back in the car go to somewhere with a great shareable entree (like fajitas), continue the conversation, and then end up at a great dessert place. Puts time between food and adds a little more control over the typical three stages of dinning out. (Note: doesn't work so great with large groups)

What are you going to try new for the first time this next year?



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