Wednesday, February 23


I wouldn't say I am in a bad mood per say... I am in a mood though. I'm in a one-up-man-ship mood I think. I just saw a FB status that said, "Waking up and having to take Excedrin, yuck." I had to refrain myself from writing as a comment, "Waking up and having to take Methedone, yuck."

Also this morning I read a blog post by my friend Katy. At the end it is an encouragement to not let health issues get you down, but I have to confess (katie, I know you'll probably read this) that I was one-upping the whole time, and I know that it wasn't the point to complain I'm just in a mood.

The thing that is bringing me back to earth this morning is those folks who can one-up me. Bring back the humbled by people who have suffered and gone though more. Who HAVE and ARE suffering. I need to calm down, yes I can one-up a lot of people medically but that's not why God has given me this. I have this so that God can be glorified, somehow in me.

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  1. Yes, it was thinking about trials this morning. In dog agility, the judge sets a course that gives specific challenges to the team of dog and handler. The course is not set to make the team fail, but to challenge them to work on their weaknesses and grow through them into a stronger team.

    It's got to be the same in the trials God allows in our lives...except that we don't have to look at the course and figure out how to do it all on our own. We have a Trainer who is guiding us through each tunnel, around each weave pole, over each jump--telling us where to set our feet so that we land correctly and not break a leg.

    One upmanship. Yep. There will always be someone who has suffered more. But my thinking this morning is how can we endure what we are enduring and have our attitude bring a smile to the face of our God? I think a lot has to do with resting in the fact that He is in control of the course and will never leave us.

    Praying for you.



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