Tuesday, February 22


Yesterday, wow, boy was I tired and I was falling asleep everywhere. Including a reclining chair at the hospital, for an hour. This morning I am less tired and less confused. I am however slightly more jerky. Which is hard to type when your finger's decide to go one way and your brain wants them to go another. (Touchpads are also bad for this)

Hair is mostly fallen out, so I will look sort of normal in a few days/ weeks it seems.

We have a showing on our house today as well. (noon MST) It would be nice if the folks liked it well enough to toss us an offer. It would be really nice to not have to pay so many bills each month.

Pain... continues to be an issue. I'm working on the cough stuff, but the sides... yikes. The best feeling I can seem to describe it as is that my muscles are wrapped too tightly around my ribs so when I do anything I get squeezed/ my muscles get pulled.

It's been warm here. A week after the frost that locked up the city the weatherman declared winter over. Like it was something he could do, like a groundhog or something. Since then however it as been back to "Houston Normal". Above 70 and slightly humid, not hot yet. Cloudy though... This must be what spring is like. I'm willing to bet we're heading into some pretty prime-time weather here Seattle-ites and Colorado-ians. Book your spots now, March is gone. (No seriously, two visitors in March)

My only complaint about this out-patient medicine thing is the time it takes. I should up at my appointed time (2pm) and sometimes it's right then, and other times it is like an hour and a half later. This confuses the time it takes to take the medicine. I do something like an hour of pre-meds, and then 3 hours of "IFX" And then the Mesna (my liver protector) should be done by the end of that. The past few days I have been getting out of chemo late. Like 8pm plus. And for a 2pm appoint that means it's like a 6 hour appointment. I am fine with the long chemo, we just need to get our "pre-game" together so we can get out of here just a bit quicker.

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. I feel like I am feeling them this morning. Thursday is my last day of chemo, and then I get some more time off. I hope my head stays as clear as it is now. Three days to go.

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