Tuesday, February 8

Skewed Dreaming

It's been a rough few days back from the hospital. A lot of it is because I spend a lot of my day either sleeping or half asleep on the couch. I think it's probably a mixture of ten days in the hospital and being bugged every four hours, and my body healing itself. Either way, I can nap all day and still sleep at night.

Well, kind of. My sleep has been more... plagued by dreams, no, nightmares the past few days. The littlest thing that you wouldn't imagine could set off a nightmare does. Case in point a board game I was playing with a friend on Friday gave me a nightmare. On a not so small scale I have been having nightmares (plural) about being a government IT worker in Egypt right now. Other dreams I don't really remember or recall as well. I do know that I have woken up already sitting bolt upright in bed though on more than a couple of occurrences.

Those of you who have never dealt with drugs that deal so harshly with your body probably won't understand this as well, but a little imbalance to your system or a drug that effects your mind just a little bit is a cocktail for some very strange nighttime sleep activities.

Lisa finds it funny but if I fall asleep and she wakes me up within 10-25 minutes of me falling asleep I am SO confused. I'll be zoned on the couch and she'll walk into the room and ask me if I am ready to go and I will have no idea what she is talking about or what I am needing to get ready to go to (most likely something for me). It takes a good couple of minutes for me to regain my bearings.

This is generally (generally) only a problem when I am at home. At the hospital I can combat this fairly well with other drugs, or staying awake until I am so tired I fall asleep again. Neither options I really like here at home as much.

I tell you all this so you have something you can pray for more specifically for me. I ask you continue to pray for death of the tumors, the effectiveness of the drugs, but also some other things... like my dreams. Thanks team, I appreciate you all!



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