Sunday, February 6

Super Bowls

Sat though a good 3/4th of the superbowl... which is pretty good for not having any idea what was going on. Lisa gave me a run-down before we left for the super-bowl party about how football is played. It helped a bit.

The thing that helped the most though was the quantity of food. My appetite has been coming back and my hyper-sensitive taste buds have gone away as well so I can eat chicken and chocolate again. It's been a nice come-back. I feel like I can actually push myself meal wise these days instead of daintily eating half of what the bird would eat and being done. Who knows, I might even gain some weight over the next few weeks if this keeps up.

Thank you everyone for the continued love and support. I really appreciate everything you all have done for me. From emails, to phone calls, to hanging out in person, to being a "silent partner" and praying for me. It all counts.



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