Thursday, March 24

Boldness in Blue

Yesterday we were told my platelets were high enough to get started (96) so the doctor wrote up the orders and we went to a new clinic we had not been to before. It was interesting as it had a few closed off rooms, but was mainly a maze of beds with curtains hung around them. It seemed a little more "hospital is too full!" type thing to me.

At first I thought the nurse we had was just one of those really nice nurses. She smiled at us, made friendly talk, touched me on the shoulder to encourage me. Then, as my treatment was going longer than everyone else's appointments (10pm) we moved to a room. One of the times she came in to check on me she asked us if we were Christians or not. Lisa and I said that we were. She asked what church we went to and we told her 1st Baptist, and as she was cleaning up my tubes and what not she was talking about the Gospel and telling me and Lisa that God is the great healer that despite whatever comes our He has the grace to see us though it. We thanked her numerous times for sharing with us. She also pulled a huge packet of tracks out of her nursing gown, flipped through them and handed us two. I told her I worked for a missions organization as well, and Lisa asked how long she had been a Christian. I think we probably spent a little extra time in the room, but as we were leaving she asked if she could pray for us right there. We joined hands and she prayed, as really only nurses close to situations like this, can for healing from the tumors and that God's grace would shine though.

It was a bold evening and it bolstered the feelings of Lisa and I as well. Team, thank the Lord for meetings (divine) like this.

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