Tuesday, March 22

I think I am ready

Unlike last Wednesday I think I am ready for this one. I'm not sure if my platelets will be ready yet (100% (huh, I should add a little meter to the side of the blog that tracks where my platelets are... or does that just seem strange?)) but I think I am more mentally ready to tackle this one that I was last week.

My in-laws made it home yesterday evening. We enjoyed a good extended weekend with them and while we expected me to be getting chemo during the time they were here we ended up relaxing a bit more. (and making far fewer trips (read: none) to the hospital)

I've been doing ok. I can tell from how I've been doing over the past few weeks that when I am finally off this stuff that it will take a while to fully recover. Perhaps a few months. My energy levels are still really low. Sunday I went to both church services... a first in a very long time, and then I spent the afternoon in bed. It's amazing how much of a trade off it is. I'll do something that requires some energy and then either the next day, or the second half of the day, or something gets "traded" as my body recovers. That seems normal I guess, but it's just so... basic? In my case. I can't put it off for a few days until the weekend, it's something my body demands now. It's a little frustrating.

Of course this whole "adventure" has been a bunch of things I wouldn't have chosen or selected for myself. Things I never would have wanted to experience. I appreciate the continued support from everyone. Please continue to keep Lisa and I in your prayers. Next week my brother and sister are coming to visit. We'll see what happens with an apartment full of folks.

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