Saturday, March 19

Some Changes

You will have noticed, if you are a visitor to the website, that I have changed the design a bit. I felt it had been with the other design long enough that it was time for another. I felt I would go with something that has a bit more of a western/ Texas feel to it. Kind of a send-up to our current living situation. The new design also allows me to play around with the new tools Google has and will be rolling out for blogger.

The other day I received a book that was a sequel to one I read the first time I had cancer. The Name of the Wind was the first book and came in a bit over 600 pages. The new book, Wise Man's Fear, weighs more than the iPad and comes in at some 900 plus pages. It's really got me thinking about buying digital copies of books honestly. In this case the digital copy, while still more than I think should be charged for a digital copy (12.99), would still be cheaper than a new hardbound copy of the book. (And in this case it would weigh less) We'll see how my book reading goes in the future, if it'll be digital or physical. (Funny side note: There are four different reading applications I have installed on the iPad: Kindle (Amazon), Nook (BN), Bookshelf (Apple), and Google Books (Google). )

Some other changes to our life is the new addition of an ironing board (see picture) and iron. It's funny we ended up going five and a half years of marriage without an iron. Now that we have an iron the list of things I have been wanting to iron for the past five and a half years will finally be able to be done! I somehow envision now that my shirts will all be sharp, no crease out of place nor a wrinkle found! And, as Lisa said, we can finally straighten Niko out. (Iron brought to us courtesy of my in-laws)

I'm still waiting for Wednesday to arrive for another doctor's appointment. In the mean time the time we have been spending with Lisa's parents has been a lot of fun. My brother is set to visit us after Lisa's folks and then my Mom is coming to visit. And hopefully somewhere in there I will be having chemo. Please continue to keep my health in your prayers. For enough recovery so I can get chemo again, and then that the chemo would be effective in killing tumors in my body.

Thanks team (I'd appreciate thoughts on the new site design as well!)

[ Got a prayer request? Email me and let me pray for you! ]


  1. I like the new design! Very manly as well.I hope you had fun with the inlaws in this beautiful weather. I love it, but go outside and start sneezing my brains out.

    Don't want to bum you out, but can really use your prayers. Little Cheyenne is now in hospice care.We pray for a miracle, and also know that if God chooses to take her it will be His best. Her mom and dad are suffering terribly.

    As always, you're in our prayers. Give Lisa a hug from me.

  2. Elliott7:55 AM

    Nice change to the blog! It's nice to see a little Texas from afar. We praying for you.

  3. What I find kinda' funny is that this is the same look that the CBC website has taken on. One of my co-workers commented, "Since when did Crossroads become a barn?" Rustic wood must be "in."

  4. I like the new blog design - very rustic!


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