Tuesday, March 15

Daily Life Vacation

My little "daily life vacation" most likely comes to an end tomorrow. It's been nice this past week not having blood draws, or having to go to any hospitals, and being able to get some work done. It's been nice feeling like I have been recovered a little bit. Even if it was like a vacation where you have to return to "real life" at some point. I guess I'm just a bit sad, that like vacation, this can't be "real life".

I'm scheduled to start chemo tomorrow again. The start time however is after 6pm, and if you will recall my chemo lasts five to six hours. Which if I am going into the hospital around 12, is going to make for a long, long day.

In other news Lisa's folks are coming to visit us starting tomorrow. I'm not really sure what that will look like with my chemo schedule, but I hope it'll be a good time together whatever happens with the chemo... and I hope I won't get too crazy.

Some prayer request items:
1. That chemo will go well, that the tumors will be greatly effected.
2. That our townhouse in Colorado would sell. There are several folks who have voiced interest in owning it, but they haven't made an offer yet.
3. That we would be at peace when it comes to all the traveling and time we are going to spend in the hospital the next seven plus days.
4. Also, Lisa and I have been missing Colorado a whole lot lately, I think in some ways it represents not being sick, and we just don't feel like Houston is home, or where we want to be.

Thanks team.

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