Friday, March 11


Between being a Star Wars fan (the joke being that we'll wait in line for anything) and waiting for doctor's appointments I feel like perhaps today was something I have been training for for the past 11 years.

Lisa and I got to the mall around 10:15am and at that point I was in the high teens in line. I was pretty confident at that point that if I could make it the next 7 hours that I would end up with the tablet computer I had decided was the right one for us. (Sorry competitors... that battery life is CrAzY)

I had brought a camp chair, a book in which to write, a book to read, water, and a few "dry" snacks. Also not knowing if I was going to be waiting inside or out I brought sunscreen, sunglasses, and an umbrella. Thankfully we waited inside in what was akin to a never-moving Disneyland ride-line. (It's a smaller iPad than before, it's a smaller iPad than before, yet the battery last as long (to the tune of it's a small world))

Lisa spent the day at Panera drinking tea and coffee and eating salads and savory soups. Oh, and working, we she was working all that time as well. Lisa said it was good to get out of the house and crash somewhere else for a bit to get some work done.

When the five o'clock hour rolled around there were something like 250 people in line. I don't know how many iPads they had on hand, but something tells me that this weekend the iPad2 population will be sold out... which is why I bought two of them, and listed the second one on eBay! The Morrells, as a whole, are quite business minded. Given the right business. We'll see if I can't help subsidize the other iPad a bit.

That was my Friday. I am now very tired. (Lisa made Duck for dinner!) This weekend we've got a few social things setup. Hopefully I will have the strength needed to do those.

Several things: Please continue to keep the death of my tumors in your prayers. And please keep in mind the reminder I have under my name, I want to pray for you as well!

[ Got a prayer request? Email me and let me pray for you! ]


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