Wednesday, March 9

Return of the scanner

I am sorry for the strange titles, after 9 years of blogging and 3-4 years of medical entries I don't want to copy TOO many blog entry titles.

Yesterday was a day of medical scans. Waiting, blast of radiation, waiting, poke and injection of nuclear sugars, wait, blast of more radiation, end of the day. Avoid children and pregnant women for a few hours.

Today we got the results: again, at this point more "stable" tumors. (Which means so growth, but also means no shrinkage) My platelets are up to par yet (53, they need to be over 100) so I get another week off. They will also keep me on this outpatient chemo because the results, medically, are better than when they admit me to the hospital. Obnoxious time sink, yes, but there are some benefits that help me out, and appears to help me stay out of the hospital long-term as well.

Thank you as well to everyone who was praying for me today. I felt very calm and at peace going into, and waiting for the doctor's appointment. It was working and I could feel the peace of God.

So now I've got a free weekend!

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  1. GREAT! This counts as good news...and the peace you felt was icing on the cake! What a wonderful promise we have when He sets a guard on our hearts and minds and gives us peace. Now for the platelets...praying for more.


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