Monday, March 7

Ups and Downs

Friday night Lisa and I went out to dinner at a local place that we both enjoy. We showed up about an hour after they opened for dinner and walked into a big celebration. They had live music on Saturdays and one of the band members was having a birthday party. The restaurant was also open for normal dinner so the place was filling up pretty quickly. It was funny, I had written a very favorable Yelp review of this place after eating there last time and the hostess actually recognized me from my yelp review. She thanked me for the review and told me that at least four people told her they tried out the place because of my review. Pretty crazy. Actually the second time I have been noticed from a yelp review in the place I have visited again.

We spent two hours at dinner and really had a good time. It seems like it's been a while since Lisa and I have had a sit-down long dinner.

On Saturday I felt nasty most of the day and spent the day in bed mostly.

Sunday I was able to make it to church and see a lot of folks from the Sunday school class that we attend. It's been a couple of weeks at least since I've been to church. It was good to get out and see some people I hadn't seen in a while. That cleared a lot of energy out of me, but we also had some friends over in the evening and I think I had the energy for that as well.

Today I got my blood drawn (platelets staid the same from over the weekend. Was 45 on Friday and was 45 today) and was feeling tired so I went back to bed until after noon.

I've also been working on getting rid of some stuff on Amazon and eBay. Kind of nice to get rid of some stuff that has been sitting around the small apartment.

Pain wise things have been going pretty well. I've started taking less and less pain meds. I am hoping I won't need as many/ as much next time I have chemo. We'll see what the next time the chemo brings. In or Out patient? Who knows. I'll be seeing the Dr. on Wednesday... at the rate my platelets are going up, I am assuming I'll have the weekend at least.

That's the news, PET scan tomorrow, results on Wednesday. I really appreciate your continued prayers. Thank you.

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