Friday, March 4

Pain? Oh yeah...

My nurse this morning told me off-handedly (the one from my sarcoma team) the pain you're having? Yeah, that is from the white blood cell stimulator we gave you on Friday night. (It only kicks in when it's needed) Pain, radiating out of the center of your chest? Yup, that's what that was.

So I didn't really need to go to the hospital fearing I was having a heart attack. It did behoove me to go to the ER because they gave me stronger stuff than I could have given myself at home. (Which is something to note in the future)

The past few days I have been taking some rather heavy meds to deal with the pain. (Sitting up can be a chore, getting out of the car, walking. (Aubrey I know it's 1/20th of your pain at least, but I feel ya a bit!))

In other news my mac has decided to not work properly so I am backing it up and part of it is going to be RMA'd .

Health wise I seem to be holding fairly steady. Nothing soaring (well, they transfused me in the hospital, so that too care of that problem), nothing sinking. PET scan on Tuesday visit with the Dr. on Wednesday. We'll see what can of things I can get into this weekend!

(Aside: Anyone in Houston want to stand in line with me next Friday (March 11th) at an Apple Store?)

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  1. Lisa Cordodor8:42 AM

    Did you punch your nurse in the face off-handedly so that next time she'll remember to warn you about these unexpected & scary side effects? :)

  2. Anonymous8:43 AM

    This is why they call you on the phone.

  3. Aubrey10:10 AM

    No shame in complaining about pain. It's never good.


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