Wednesday, March 2

What just happened?

An uneventful day turned into a long day, about seven hours IN a room at the ER, of medical professionals trying to figure out what was wrong with me. First thing thing this morning (7:20) we were up and off to Katy for a blood draw. I got my blood drawn and I made a kind of face thing that the nurse noticed and asked me if my chest hurt. I said it did a bit, and she warned me to go to the ER if it got worse.

In the car home I vomited several times and decided I should go to the ER. Lisa asked if she could swing by home first, which we did, and on the way home I started feeling better and second guessing my ER choice. When we got home she started putting some things together and my chest pain got worse. So we finalized packing and headed to the hospital. As we were getting into a room the pain started to get really bad... something like a 9 on the pain scale. I couldn't speak some times and I was tearing up other times. They got me into a room fairly quickly.

They got me hooked up to machines, gabbed some extra blood for testing, did an EKG, gave me chest xray (that I could barely stand for), and back in the room all in pretty good time. Then it was anti-nausea medication, dialuaded, and hydration while they waited and looked at my tests.

Results? My heart is healthy, for someone in my condition it's really healthy. So it wasn't my heart and then they waited for the xray to come back from the radiologist and... well nothing out of the ordinary there either. (Compared to my other recent xrays that is.) I didn't have a fever at any point during the day either. They were baffled. They worked on getting my pain down and then kept me and watched me. They eventually let me go towards 5pm with a reminder to take my pain meds, but to come in if it seems like the pain is coming from my chest. (I did the right thing, pat on the head)

They don't know what was wrong with me. The pain is now gone, I'm super tired, and haven't eaten all day because of how much pain I was in the first half and how loopy I was the second half.

Thank you all so much for you prayers. I wish we knew more... but it's gone, and they ran all sorts of tests to see what it was and couldn't find anything. Our phones were out of reception for those of you trying to contact us. Thank you. I am going to eat go eat dinner now.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting. It's really a gift to us...helps us pray specifically and settles our worries about you and Lisa. I'm glad you're coming this way next week...shall we heat the pool?


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