Monday, February 28

4 days out

Here I am four days out from my "re-branded" chemo. "Less Crazy, Less Pain, YOU CAN SLEEP AT HOME! Less hospital time!" I am trying to figure this out out still. Seven Days vs three days seems to have been a little kinder on my insides (I got my blood work this morning and while not as stellar as last week it is still good. Something you other mortals might still consider alive if you saw them.)

I guess I am not 100% sure what to say about my health it's getting better, but it seems to be in such a tight spin of chemo/heal/chemo/heal that I am not really sure what to think. I feel like I am dizzy a good part of the time, not to mention being tired enough to drop off in the middle of a skype call.

Some of the tiredness is the anti-nausea stuff, but I need to take that as long as I am taking the stuff that keeps my ribs from feeling like they are being crushed. As they heal up I can stop taking these strong meds, which means my head might even out a bit more.

No bites yet on the house. Prayers for that, as well as my health (death to cancer!) would be appreciated.

Thanks all...

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  1. It sounds like whatever the regime, chemo is chemo. Stellar blood work is very nice though. You are on our hearts...and we pray often. We can always use prayers for little Cheyenne. She's back in the hospital since infection of some kind that they're trying to pinpoint and get the right antibiotic to. She's still doing chemo because of the cancer metasticising to her lungs...and they say it's working. She's excited about getting her new leg on Thursday and she's in good spirits. We got a photo of her last week with Charles Barcley at a basketball game. Apparently everyone who sees her is still mystified by her turned around foot/knee. Your prayers will be added to ours. Thanks for's good to know specifics to pray for.


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