Sunday, February 27

Brief letter to the editor

As I gleefully tore into my new wired magazine I went through the little detail of pulling the "buy wired" cards out of the magazine. It creates a smoother continuous reading, and this magazine, 19.03, flapped open to a cigarette advertisement with a card for several bucks off a carton.

Now, you guys in the magazine business are in a tough position, you need ad revenue from whoever will buy it and to make those ads more valuable you need more readers. It has been proven however that smoking will lead to all sorts of health problems that make reading your magazine that much more difficult. Not just for the smoker, but also for the persons in and around the smoker.

What I would really like from you is to save me a couple seconds of tearing time by removing those cigarette ads, and do your other browsers a favor and consider their long-term readership and remove the cigarette ads from your magazine.
Thank you,
~Ben Morrell

To wired magazine 2.27.11

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  1. ...and you didn't even pull the cancer card!


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