Wednesday, April 13

i before u

I've made comments before about Houston drivers being really stupid drivers. I'm going to change that. Houston drivers aren't stupid, Houston drivers are greedy. This might sounds funny when putting it in context with driving down the road and getting from point a to point b, but it is the best way to describe what I see happening. I am also not sure why Houston drivers are so much more greedy than Seattle drivers. Houstonians in general are much nicer people than Seattleites. When Houstonians get on the road however, they get greedy.

Instead of waiting for someone to let you in Houstonians have to take it, and this possibly stems from people just in general, not letting you in. Though swerving in front of the car I am in and squeezing your large truck or SUV into the four feet in front of my tiny car and the mini-van in front of me, when there aren't any cars for 300 feet behind me, sees, well, greedy. You can't slow down for a few minutes to get in behind me more easily? You have to endanger two other vehicles because you're greedy?

I find it funny when I think about it, this behavior that I have been calling greedy. Greed stems from fear, and it seems like a fear of not being able to get where you are going in a timely fashion, or that car a or car b won't let you in, or possibly the fear that if you are nice to someone on the road you'll be seen as a pushover and you'll never get where you are going in time. I just don't know. It's something I haven't seen elsewhere.

I personally don't drive in Houston, mainly because of my health, I haven't driven in approaching a year now, but I think a lot of drivers around here need to take a deep breath, and consider the fact that other's are on the road as well. We're not obstacles, we're people too.

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  1. In the classes I've been teaching, we have an activity that theoretically teaches cooperation on the road. We talk about how it's not a race on the road, and that all road users have to work together to get to their destinations safely. It all sounds so great... Until you go out in the real world.

    Your comment "We're not obstacles, we're people too" could be the mantra of all bicyclists on the road. It's amazing how it's like as far as motorists are concerned, I stop being a person when I get on my bike. Sad.


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