Wednesday, April 27

Like a day at work

Today our one or two hour follow up visit to MDA about my injections the past week turned into an eight and a half hour affair. We assumed, and I think rightly so, this morning as we headed out that we'd go, do the appointment and most likely be home before lunchtime. As such we didn't really pack or bring anything with us.

First they asked me all the same questions they asked me a week ago before they started and compared where I was at today, with where I was last week, before I got the injections. It seems my platelets, despite feeling worked over this past few days, have risen to almost 90. They are assuming by Friday and/or next week that I will be over 100. With this news they decided to keep me on the drug until Friday and check my platelets again and see if I am safely over 100 or not.

Having been driving and waiting a lot the past week we made the (mistake!?) request to have the shots done closer to where we live at the clinic in Katy, TX. We didn't do it before because Katy didn't have supply of the drug, but we determined this time that if I picked up the supply I needed from the pharmacy that I could go anywhere, downtown or Katy, and get the shots, because I would have them with me.

They called the order into the pharmacy and we went to wait. They told us it would probably be 45 minutes to an hour and a half. When they got to our order an hour and half later they realized they didn't have any of the drug there, so after hunting around MDA for it for another hour or so they determined they have one shot. At this point we had been at the hospital so long that our scheduled appointment in Katy had come and gone. We grabbed the shot and headed to Katy.

Suffice it to say it is nicer in Katy than downtown, but it still took some time. We left at 8am this morning and made it home at 4:30pm. Tomorrow we have to swing by downtown MDA and then to Katy. Out of the way, you bet, but I can promise the waiting time will be less in the end. It was just a LOT of work to get this stuff setup in Katy today. It will benefit us in the long-run, but getting there was almost more work than it will be worth. I was afraid I might have broken Lisa a couple times today... especially as we didn't pack lunch with us so the food was pretty minimal until we got home.

Thanks for supporting us and praying for us. My PET/CT scan got moved up to Tuesday so we'll see what these things are doing in me.

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