Saturday, April 30

Take my home... please!

As you know we have had our house up on the market for the past 168 days or so. (Not like anyone is counting) On Wednesday a couple made an offer on the house and, to be honest, it wasn't good. However this is the only offer we have had. After thinking about it and struggling over it and talking to our Realtor and having her talk to the offering Realtor, we decided to just take the offer. It's been rough paying to live in two places when you only live in one. (Paying about the same for each place too) Thus in the interest of halving our cost of living we decided to go with the offer.

A note to townhouse owners in our area for the future: if you get tired of having your townhouse on the market, dropping the price to "give away" levels isn't being kind to your neighbors.

We accepted the offer on Friday afternoon and the closing date is June 1st. At this point we're going to be glad to be rid of it. BTW: Anyone want to buy a great queen sized bed in Colorado Springs?

This comes at probably one of the most stressful weeks we have had in a long time. Today is the first day in ten days that we haven't made a trip to a hospital. (Averaging about three hours) Lisa's been trying to work, and the shots have been making me feel like I have had the flu for the past ten days, and as such I have been pretty worthless. We're hoping this weekend is a lot more relaxed. (Probably doing hospital visits every day next week as well)

Thanks all for the prayers and the support. On the good side of the shots they have been working, albeit a little slower than they might work on a "normal" person. My platelets are heading to up above 100. Please keep our house, health and hospital visits in your prayers. They are all adding to increased stress levels right now.

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  1. Nice! I think we would have taken the offer too....

  2. Ben's "hours at the hospital" average were just for the shots actually - we were there a lot more than three hours at least half of the past 10 days. I think there were four days that the "3 hour" average would apply to.

  3. yup. that's how we got out of our house in bremerton. listed at 229, they offered 200 we countered to 219. A year later, our neighbors have theirs at 219, dropped it to 209 and still have had no calls. so i think they're gonna look into it being a rental. yeah for a closing date! our closing date here in albuquerque is 5/29....but since it's a short could be longer. :-0

  4. As much as I loved that condo, I'm glad you let it go. You just didn't need the added stress. Way to trust God to provide for you in the future. Praise the Lord!

    By the way, that is a WONDERFUL bed. I always slept fabulously on it.

  5. I'm SO glad you will be rid of the extra payment... I wish I could of helped more! If I were in CO, I would totally buy the bed. However, I'm in Texas, too .

    And! Just want you two to ALSO know I LOOOOOOOOOVE your cookbook :) I will be in Katy soon, and perhaps we could visit if you are up for it.


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