Sunday, May 1

Another week, another uncertainty

This week once again heralds many more visits to the hospital (at least three) and on top of that a big ball of "I don't know" can be added on top of that. PET/CT scan on Tuesday, and visit with the doctor on Wednesday. More chemo? Maybe another Phase 1 trial? I filled out paperwork for a biopsy at some point as well, and no word on that yet either.

As you might have heard we accepted the offer on the townhouse, and we didn't hear any load "hurrah!"s so we're not sure what is next. I assume an inspection, but we made it pretty clear that since we were playing ball with their other requests that we wouldn't do anything at inspection unless it was something that needed to be done to sell the house to anyone. (And honestly most of the stuff would be fixable by the HOA anyway) Assuming they don't give us problems we are looking at no longer owning the house by June 1st. It'll be another end of an era.

This afternoon has been a lot of not doing much in preparation for a week that will probably be stressful and tiring. We appreciate your prayers, and we continue to lift you all up as well.

Go team!

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