Wednesday, April 20

Now what?

Hey Folks,
Well... You know how I was really not looking forward to this next round of chemo? Turns out I don't need to worry about it. The doctor has decided that my insides are all messed up and poisoned from the stuff I was taking and it's time to try something(s) new.

The doctor is going to get a biopsy of my current tumors for some fresh material and also pick up samples from Seattle and Colorado Springs. He's going to do a bunch of testing and will probably have some kind of result after two months.

In the meantime he is handing me off to another doctor who will be trying out some new drug on me to raise my platelets. Following that I'll be handed off to the research trial doctor I had before and they will look at other trials I might be good to be a part of.

More unknowns, more uncertainty, and more ways for God to work in ways that we don't expect.

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  1. This is good. I think. It feels like good news. I hope the gathering of tumor cells (biopsy) isn't painful or complicated. I think this is good news. A new affinity group in your future? Guinea Pigs for Jesus...God's Guinea Pigs...LabRattatouie...


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