Sunday, April 24

An Unexpected Weekend

On Thursday when I saw the doctor who handles blood problems and the drugs that go with them, they decided that I should start the Neumega (the platelet stimulating factor) as soon as possible and get five days of it.

So on Friday morning I got a call and they were like, "Tonight we're going to start the drug and we're going to do it for five days. They'll teach you how to give the injection when you get there." I was like, "Ummmm, ok?" Freaked me out more than a little to think about doing my own shots. When we got to the clinic where I was to get the shot we waited a good two hours before I got the shot. It was also decided that I wouldn't give myself the shot, but would just come in for the next five days and get the injections.

The shot went fairly well, and we went home and hung out with some friends who had come down from Dallas to hang out with us at last minute. Middle of the night my head exploded in a crazy painful headache. It was like one of the super-migraines I have, but without all the migraine side-effects. I was seriously thinking about a trip to the ER but after the application of several cold packs I was able to get some sleep.

Saturday, however, my head was still booming. By the time we went to the clinic to get my shot in the early afternoon (again, waiting an hour) my nurse who gave me the shot thought I should go to the ER after I was done, so I did. Lisa went off to hang out with our friends and I sat in the ER being plied with drugs to make the headache go away.

It went away and I got home and today there wasn't any headache, but again today waiting more than an hour to get a shot that took less than three minutes. There HAS to be a better way to do this.

It was a good weekend with friends, and it was a hard weekend with new a drug. Still no plans after getting this really. I'll need to bug my medical team to see what happens next.

In other news we dropped the price on the townhouse in Colorado Springs a bit, and still no bites. I am REALLY wanting to get rid of this thing. I am tired of paying bills for a place we don't live in or use. Please pray for that.

Also, please pray for the effectiveness of these drugs on my body. It would be great if they worked. I also have a biopsy supposedly scheduled for sometime in the future, and I am meeting with the physical therapist tomorrow about the pain in my side. The lack of information the past few days about what the future of my treatment looks like has been pretty stressful, on both Lisa and I.

Thanks team.

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  1. Praying for you, friend.

  2. Claudia and I are in the middle of North Africa. We're praying for you, Ben!!


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